The Love of Flowers can take you places.....even Paris, France!

I started the same way I start my new staff - stripping roses -
 brought back lots of memories, whew!!
 The day started early - they are 7 hours ahead of us-

The teacher becomes the student -

My wonderful new friend and teacher - Ceite'
 has been a designer for 17 years -was kind enough to show me the "French way".
 In Europe all Florist  are professionals and must have a 4-year degree
 with an internship - hummmmm..

Works of art .

Whew, the American finished !!- Those crazy women!
 It was a wonderful adventure  - Learned so much.. 

Beautiful shop , beautiful people

Another talented designer , Julian

Julian's Shop in Geneva, Switzerland

My brave husband ,Scott ,went ALL the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower --- 77 story's high -
 his not so brave (chicken)  wife -- only to the 2nd level - that's about 10 story's high

Lovely Event Shop 

My dream came true----Flowers everywhere -
The French love fine wine, great food, family and fresh flowers.

 All work and no play - Not-
 On a dinner cruise down the Seine River on the 4th of July in Paris -
 the French gave us our Lady
in the harbor in New York - they have their own in  the Seine River - Who knew- not me .