You said Yes!! We say Yes! To Green.

The time of year is never a concern when a bride chooses a neutral color as our bride, Tamara did. Kermit green came on the scene a few years ago. I for one was a bit concerned if a bride would like this color or not- I was so mistaken!!! Brides LOVE this color. It looks great with so many colors. Blues, Chocolate, Pinks, Greens, Tangerines to list a few. It is often the pop we need in an other wise lack luster bouquet or as you can see a beauty on it's own.--So I say Love it and use it.


You Said Yes! We say yes!

Wonderful weekend for a wedding- A bride plans her wedding months in advance not really knowing what type of weather she will have an her wedding day. Even if the calendar says spring it could be 90 degrees or 30 degrees, the same goes for fall- The calendar read fall and it really was fall this weekend for our bride -

She had chosen bright crisp fall colors and even the weather coroperated.

With the touch of coolness in the air I just know all was beautiful for her.

This is a sample of the flowers she chose-


Ask your Florist..

About Centerpieces...

They are like eye candy to your guest. They will be the focus of your table just as the cake is to the room, the bouquets to the dresses,your ring to your finger. Your guest will be spending from 4 to 6 hours admiring them and they also make great favors for some of your very special guest or family members.

Chose flowers you love,in season for a budget saver , to complete your WOW factor when your guest enter the room for the first time. Beautiful flower centerpieces let your guest know you are pleased to have them share your wedding day from the moment they enter the room.


Ask your Florist

I was ask this question again this weekend and I thought ,this question has been ask several times before so it must be a concern of a lot of brides planning their weddings.

How do I know I have chosen the best Florist ? Good Question!!!

You have so much information at your fingertips on how, what , where, when and why. However this question can only be fully answered when it is to late to change it , when you are ready to walk down the isle-- if you relied only on your fingertips.

There are many great ways to insure you have chosen the right Florist. Ask friends for referrals, request a meeting at their shop or studio , professional florist wants you to see their work in the setting they create them ,I want brides to experience the textures,colors and fragrances of the flowers and above all else, trust yourself, you knew when Mr. Right came along didn't you.

Your wedding is very important to you and should be to the Florist you chose. When you find the one interested in your vision and your day then write the retainer check -- all florist can work within a budget , please share it with us .

It is about the details of your day. A professional Florist, gathers the information, consults with growers for availability and estimated cost of your requested items. Remember you are planning an event where the product(flowers) has not been produced. Never wanting to disappoint a bride , I find it is best to talk to the growers and other sources. It is difficult to set a "price" on a first meeting. Each wedding is custom work -- where one size does not fit all--they require different levels of products and services. This ensures you are receiving the best value for your budget. Someone quoting a price out of thin air just to secure the job, could leave you disappointed on your wedding day.

Think about booking your Florist based on concern for your vision, attention to details, creativity and personality along with being ever mindful of your budget . ... to be continued.....


The Splender of Fall Colors

Beautiful choice for a fall wedding. Yellow, Burgundy, Oranges,with Purple accents. The camera loves these colors, and so do we.


Ask your Florist -Part 2

Ask about the Retainer--
The retainer becomes a written and verbal agreement between you and your florist to create the floras requested for your event. Many things start to happen once a retainer is accepted. Vendors must be contacted for availability of products you have requested, an estimated price of those products along with other items you may need. Requested flowers are placed on a tentative "grow to hold" order to ensure those flowers will be ready for your event that could be up to a year away. This order will be come a "firm" request further along the planning process. Estimates must be written, staff must be placed on notice along with holding the date for you. Due to these and other factors retainers are not refundable- They can be applied to your wedding balance as they are at A Touch of Class Florist ,but that is at the discretion of the florist. Retainer amounts very from shop to shop . To be continued..