Paris - Here I come!

A year of planning and now it's here.  All the to do list have been done, checked twice and checked again- I have listen to everyone who has ever gone to the beautiful city of Paris,France, taken a bit of advice from each of you . Hoping I have been a good listener- I did call my Dr. for those meds - told her " just want to sleep all the way - wake up in Heaven or Paris - does not matter which, just do not want to know until I get there" she has filled my request- gave it a trial run last week - works great.
 Listened - I did pack light - my whole week of clothes in a carry on bag including 2 pair of shoes- amazing how much one can pack when you roll it, squish it in air tight bags and fold inside each other thingies, and of course those dreaded limited amounts of liquids the airline request - just don't take them - buy it there or do without - after finding out the euro is only 70 to my hard earned dollar I plan to do without!
 Listened -   I have decided to be calm at the pat downs that everyone gets  - I will tell them "let's pretend we are on a date or something  and you  must buy me dinner" - lol - that should stop most of it. If not ,dinner would be great.
 Beautiful flowers await me. After all, flowers are food for the soul. I plan to feed mine enough to last a life time. I plan to listen and learn from everyone - visit every flower shop along the way- share what I learn with all who will listen.
I plan to have lots of beautiful photos, interesting stories and a renewed passion for my craft. The love of flowers has been my life's work - this trip is the cherry on top---- oh, how I wish I taken French in school!!