All in the details, for Cliff and Amy's wedding at Bradley's Retreat

Tucked among the blooms are  buttons from the women in Cliff and Amy's  lives.

Details, details, details

Is this not a cute idea for the programs!!

So simple , yet perfect!!

Antique half pint milk bottles graced the isle

This is our wish for them also !

Bradley's ,the perfect site for all the vintage touches

Tiffany Blue and Red...So her.

Tiffany Blue and Red

Heart Roses with Glam--


Alumni Center Bridal Fantasy

Awesome roses named "Hearts"- petals open to form hearts with the look of  peonies

                                                               Hydrangea's spheres -so pretty
              Romantic and Elegant - Love the crystals across the top

 Fun  meeting all the excited  brides - So many visions to design for them - Andrews Catering provided yummy food for everyone - including us vendors - Thank you - Love it !!!


The Love of Flowers can take you places.....even Paris, France!

I started the same way I start my new staff - stripping roses -
 brought back lots of memories, whew!!
 The day started early - they are 7 hours ahead of us-

The teacher becomes the student -

My wonderful new friend and teacher - Ceite'
 has been a designer for 17 years -was kind enough to show me the "French way".
 In Europe all Florist  are professionals and must have a 4-year degree
 with an internship - hummmmm..

Works of art .

Whew, the American finished !!- Those crazy women!
 It was a wonderful adventure  - Learned so much.. 

Beautiful shop , beautiful people

Another talented designer , Julian

Julian's Shop in Geneva, Switzerland

My brave husband ,Scott ,went ALL the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower --- 77 story's high -
 his not so brave (chicken)  wife -- only to the 2nd level - that's about 10 story's high

Lovely Event Shop 

My dream came true----Flowers everywhere -
The French love fine wine, great food, family and fresh flowers.

 All work and no play - Not-
 On a dinner cruise down the Seine River on the 4th of July in Paris -
 the French gave us our Lady
in the harbor in New York - they have their own in  the Seine River - Who knew- not me .